March 4th

9:30am – noon Patrick: Shamrocks and Snakes. Facts and Fun about St Patrick. We’ll explore our origins, culture and some of the remarkable history and enduring myths about our Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.

Location: 1303 Fairfield at Moss St, Victoria, BC

Thank you for coming and for the great conversation - lovely to know that others are as passionate about trying to find answers to challenging questions.

See you March 17th for evening communion service (Vespers) in the early (maybe 5th century) tradition of Christianity in Ireland.

March 17th

6.30pm St Patrick’s Day. Celebration of Ireland’s Patron Saint. Communion according to the pattern of the early Celtic Christians followed by some facts and fiction about Ireland’s most famous non-Irishman.

Location: 1303 Fairfield at Moss St, Victoria, BC.

Coming Soon!

Island Pilgrim - Oct-Nov Itinerary 2017

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